Hello EDM producers and welcome to Producing Electronic Music!

This blog is dedicated especially to new EDM producers or producers looking to expand their knowledge of production techniques within FL Studio.

This blog aims to expose you to different types of EDM music including trance, dubstep, house, and other genres within the EDM spectrum.

Here, you’ll find lots of stuff to interest you, like videos and step-by-step instructions on how to create tighter and more effective mixes and songs, even if you don’t have a studio.

While there will be some writing and explanations on this blog, most of the posts I make will be videos since it is much easier to provide a visual aspect to show how to do something on FL Studio.

The videos will be brief but will have lots of information on how to create that effect or mix in FL Studio.

I hope you enjoy what you see, take something away from here, and expand on the new knowledge you acquire from my blog.